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Tabligh man suicides after been taunted harshly over Covid spread

A Tabligh man ended his life on Saturday after been heavily taunted for meeting the participants of the Delhi Tabligh Markaz. The incident happened in Himachal Pradesh were the villagers allegedly made harsh fun of the man over the spread of coronavirus.

His body was found hanging from the roof of his house located at a hilltop in Bangarh village. The local police in-charge, Rakesh Kumar, said that the man was tested negative on the Covid test after he came in to contact with two persons who attended Tablighi Jamaat congregation.” He tested negative for coronavirus and was dropped off at his home on Saturday, in an ambulance” Kumar said.

The mother of the deceased said that some villagers had insulted her son.“Disturbed by the insults he committed suicide,” she added. The mother said that he met all family members on Sunday morning, offered namaz and then went inside a room. When he did not come out for long, the family members broke open the door and found him hanging.

The lament of his wife Amardeep Kaur was inconsolable and alleged the harshness of victimization of the villagers was unbearable for her husband that he committed suicide.” Despite the fact that her husband tested negative for coronavirus, some villagers were out to victimize the family. They had also stopped taking milk from their family”, she claimed. Kaur said selling milk was the family’s only source of income. She maintained that her husband had never visited Delhi and had stayed at home–but was still harassed.



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