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Covid-19 clears the World atmosphere,Carbon footprint down by 5 percent

As many countries are in partial and complete lock-down for curbing the spread of Covid pandemic, the atmosphere is getting cleared of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Carbon footprint had registered a dip of 5 %-first times after the end of the second world war. Air Quality Index(AQI) of many nations had improved considerably after the lock-down.

Air quality expert Dr. D Saha said that the air is in optimal quality now.Dr. Saha added that the current phenomenon also proves that improvement in air quality is possible if humans are forced to do so.

Another interesting phenomenon observed by medical experts is the reduction of other human ailments. Cardiovascular, Neuro and all other forms of diseases are scaling down during the Covperiod. Dr KK Agrawal, renowned Cardiologist humorously opinioned that all other ailments are hiding as COVID is ruling the stage now.

Himachal Pradesh’s Dholaghar Mountain ranges are in the background, nearly 200 km from Jalandhar town in the foreground. The scenic beauty is witnessed for the first time after 25 years

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