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‘Virus tastes yummy’,Here is how sweet lovers take revenge on the Covid virus

Bengal is well known for its sweet tooth with its spread of desserts rasgula, joynogorer Moa, Sandesh and Sita Bhog-considered the favorite dessert of Sita Devi. Of these, the fame of rasgula has crossed borders while most others are still the local pride of Bengalis.

A sweet maker in W.Bengal ‘Hindustan sweets’, has made a dessert ‘Corona Sandesh’ which is an exact replica of the spiky virus familiar to us through new age media and newspapers. The ‘Corona Sandesh’ is in high demand in the shop menu now. The freshly prepared Corona Sandesh’s will have only a few moments of peaceful rest in the glass racks of the sweet shop which resemble a quarantine ward. Sweet lovers will devour the delicacy soon after pointing to their chosen virus.

Though the idea of the Virus dessert is irky at first, it has clicked as the sales of the dessert stand proof to it. Posts in social media suggest the taste of the dessert is similar to a usual Sandesh, but with a more chewy Kala Khand like texture. But they all testify to a unique gratification when cutting the delicacy to pieces.

The Shop keeper says the idea was to help the social distancing campaigns run by the state government. The shop offers only take away services on Covid period.

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