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‘Turn this coronavirus to infidels and their countries’: Muslim cleric in Pakistan prays to turn Covid-19 to non-Muslims: Video

A video posted on Youtube in which a Muslim cleric in Pakistan praying to god to turn Covid-19 pandemic to target non-Muslims and their countries has surface online. The video was shared on Youtube by a channel named ‘Digital Dawah’. The video was titled ‘Crying Emotional Dua/Karona Waba Se Bachny Ki Dua’. The Muslim cleric is identified as Allama Hisham Ilahi Zahir .

The video was posted on YouTube March 27, 2020, and has nearly 93,000 views.

Allama Hisham Ilahi Zahir, the Pakistan-based Muslim cleric claims that the people are leaving Mosques and that people’s faith in Allah is shaking and he goes on and on the ill-effects of Coronavirus on the Muslim faithful. Then he starts praying that this virus should turn on the non-Muslims.

“O Allah to turn this (referring to pandemic Coronavirus) on the Kufar (non-Muslims/Infidels) as this has endangered Islam. O Allah turn this (Coronavirus) to the infidels and to turn it to the countries where the non-Muslims live/ non-Muslim nations”, he prays.



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