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World pleads for medicines from India,After hydroxychloroquine now it is Paracetamol

After the malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine, which some clinical trials consider effective for relieving Covid-19 symptoms, the world is turning to India for another over-the-counter drug- Paracetamol. India is the largest producer of Paracetamol- the drug used for reducing fever and inflammation.

India produces 5600 metric tonnes of Paracetamol every year. Of these 200 metric tonnes are required for domestic use and the remaining is shipped to Italy, Germany, UK, US, Spain, and Canada. Indian companies export approximately 730 Crores of Paracetamol to these countries.

Paracetamol is also included in the drugs which are banned for export during the Covid pandemic. But the central government’s new relaxation will allow companies to export the drug to the UK, which is badly affected with the pandemic. India on request of US President had relaxed the ban on the export of drugs to badly hit countries.


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