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Lockdown: Condom sales plunges down

International condom brand, Durex has informed that the sale of condoms has slipped down globally. As per the international brand, the main reason for this is people are apparently not having sex as they used to before the coronavirus pandemic began. As per them people are having less sex now a days.

The company revelaed that people from Italy and the UK are having less sex, in particular. Earlier in the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic here was seen a hike in the sale of condoms in China and South Asian countries. Even shortage of condoms were reported from Singapore and Malaysia.

Recently, while talking about sex amid social distancing TV medical expert Dr Mehmet Oz said that people who are not leaving their homes and are stuck inside their homes must not refrain from having sex. He says that people should have lots of sex to keep the depressing effects of social distancing from coronavirus doesn’t at bay.




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