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Elon Musk opens his Tesla plant challenging authorities,says ‘Come arrest me ‘


Tesla CEO, Elon Musk has challenged officials to arrest him as he reopens Tesla’s California factory in defiance of social distancing rules.

Musk restarted the company’s car plant in Fremont, near San Francisco, on Monday, despite local regulators telling him that it was still subject to lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The charismatic entrepreneur and youth icon have repeatedly pushed back against California’s enforcement of coronavirus regulations, which have been stricter and longer-running than many other areas of the US.

Last month, he called lockdowns “fascist” and said they infringed on people’s freedoms. Earlier, Musk threatened to move his Fremont car factory in California to Nevada or Texas if the state did not allow the facility to open despite the sheltering-in-home in place.

“Tesla is filing a lawsuit against Alameda County immediately. The unelected & ignorant ”Interim Health Officer” of Alameda is acting contrary to the Governor, the President, our Constitutional freedoms & just plain common sense!” Musk tweeted.




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