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Sex during corona lockdown : Do this immediately after having sex

If you do not take care of your cleanliness after sex, then it can spoil your health, bacteria can grow in the internal organs. Therefore, adopt healthy sex habits to keep away from infection and germs. Along with your cleanliness, take full care of your bed cleaning as well.

Do not rub inside the inner part:

Some women probably like extra cleaning. Immediately after sex, these women not only wash their hands, but also clean the inner part of the vagina. Doing this increases the risk of infection rather than cleaning the vagina. This is because the vagina cleans itself. It contains such bacteria, which do the work of cleaning the vagina. Therefore, if you use the market product, then along with bad bacteria in the vagina, good bacteria also die. There may also be an imbalance in the bacteria present in the vagina. If you want to clean your vagina, then wash it with plain water. After this just leave. Keep in mind that mild vaginal odor is normal. Some women get upset with this smell. That is not a problem. So don’t worry about it.

Change lingerie:

Change your lingerie immediately after sex. Most women do not do this. Keep in mind that if you were wearing lingerie during sex, it may have sex related fluid (semen etc.), which increases the chances of bacteria spreading. Do not wear lingerie used during sex after cleaning the internal organs. It would be better to change underwear and be healthy. Men should accept the same thing.

Keep these things in mind: –

Keep some essential things in your bedroom so that they can be used immediately after sex.


Some people sweat too much during sex. If you also have this problem, keep a towel with you so that you can wipe yourself when sweating.

Drink a glass of water:

As it is important to urinate after sex, similarly drinking water is also necessary. When there is a lot of water in your body, there will be no shortage of water in your body by urinating. This will remove bacteria through urine. Similarly, drink water every time so that there is no lack of water due to frequent urination in the body.



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