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Watch the spine-chilling video of a leopard attacking a man

A spine-chilling video of a leopard attacking a man in Hyderabad has  surfaced on social media. The incident took place at Katedan on the outskirts of Hyderabad. The big cat has attacked a truck cleaner.

The incident occurred on Thursday morning near Katedan underpass. The passers-by were shocked to see the leopard resting in the middle of the road close to the median.

The leopard charged at the people who gathered in the area. . A driver and cleaner of a truck who were also watching the animal, too, ran in panic. While the driver managed to climb onto the cabin, the cleaner scrambled for safety and then ran toward the truck to climb on to the cabin to save himself. The leopard, which emerged by jumping over the road divider pounced at him and tried to drag him by his feet.

The big cat was then seen scurrying to find a route to escape by jumping over what appears to be a closed shop. Meanwhile, about six stray dogs came barking and charging at the leopard, which kept chasing them.

The leopard later escaped  into a nearby farmhouse. The forest officials can not find out the animal from there.  and despite the best efforts by a team of forest officials and police to trap, it remained elusive. later, the forest officials  said the leopard might have made its way towards reserved forests in Chilkur.



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