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Charred body in Koduman Estate,Police puzzled on getting the identity of deceased

Charred remains of a human found in Koduman estate, Pathanamthitta puzzled the police who arrived at the scene. The body is guessed to be of a male sexagenarian as the level of mutilation reveals nothing of the identity. The face is badly charred and beyond recognition.

The incident happened at the house premises of Chandrababu, residing in Koduman estate. A neighboring student was the first to see a living ball of fire striving helplessly to put out the flames. The body was completely charred by the time people gathered for rescue and put out the flames. The place was drenched with kerosene oil.

Police are on the inference that the deceased is a visitor, who came to visit someone in Koduman estate. A police inquiry has stumbled upon a man named Raveendran, who was searched by a traveler in the Koduman estate area. Police have not received any missing complaints from the Pathanamthitta district, which leads Police to infer the victim is a traveler.

The police have not ruled out the possibility of a murder taking into account the specially mutilated face.


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