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‘Huge setback to expats’: Gulf country to lay off 600,000 marginal workers

The Kuwait government has decided to intense the process of ‘Kuwaitisation’ of its employment sector. The step was taken by Walid Al Jasim, the minister for Municipal Affairs in the country. His proposal has got widespread recognition.¬†Earlier the minister has laid out a step to replace expats in the municipal jobs.

As per reports in gulf dailies, both legal and illegal marginal workers will loss their jobs in the country. The number of marginal workers is about 600,000 in the country. Also, the number of violators of residency who were granted a one month grace period to leave the country without paying any fines incurred by them, amounts to 168,000, in addition to more than 400,000 who can be considered marginal labour as they do not work for their sponsors and work for daily wages. All these will loss their jobs in the country if the process is actualized.

The top authorities in the government is of opinion that in addition to marginal workers and residency violators, there is also workforce that can be replaced, which is non-technical workers who are hired by the government and the private sector, but they often perform office work.

The sources added the replacement of foreign workers in the government sector will be applied within three months after coronavirus dissipates, as expatriates will be screened in the government sector, and whoever is hired by the outsourcing system in non-technical jobs will be laid off, and those who work with contracts will not have their contracts renewed, regardless of their positions, especially advisers in government agencies.

The sources pointed out that government sectors will develop educational and training programmes to qualify Kuwaiti youth to fill up specialized jobs.




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