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Sex during Coronavirus lockdown : Know how safe is the use of condoms for sex

A recent study found that only 85% of condoms are successful in preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. According to the study, condoms of poor quality are feared to break during sexual intercourse, so the quality of condoms should not be compromised.

Prevention of Pregnancy:

Condoms are the best means to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but sometimes it also go bad. If you feel that you can become pregnant despite the use of condoms, immediately take birth control pills after consulting a doctor. Never take pills without doctor’s advice, it can harm your reproductive system.

Many times people start sexual intercourse without condoms and when condoms come, it apply condoms. According to doctors, pregnancy cannot be stopped in this way. Sometimes, some white sperm comes with white fluid before the release of semen, which may be enough for conception. Therefore, condoms should be used from the beginning of sexual intercourse to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Preventing HIV:

Even if you or your partner are suffering from HIV, condoms are not a completely safe means. Because the fluid released during sexual intercourse can easily reach your sexual organs, which can spread the infection


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