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Indian men more vulnerable to Covid,73 % had morbidity condition

A study conducted by Union health ministry says 64 percent of the Covid mortality are men.In this 64 percent of 50.5 % are elders aged over 60. The data confirms that India is no exception to the global trend in which men are more susceptible to the Covid pandemic. Earlier a research report by a German University had linked low levels of male sex hormone-testosterone to high morbidity in males.

Indian health ministry released a report which says men aged over 60 and with other ailments of heart, Kidney are at high risk of death due to Covid. The mortality rate is just 0.5 percent for patients aged below 15.The death rate increases to 2.5 percent for the age group 15-30, and 11.4 percent for the age group 30-45.

For patients aged between 45-60 50.5 percent is the death rate.73 percent of the deceased had other morbidities resulting in complexities in symptomatic treatment. The report also confirms 3,435 Covid deaths in India. The recorded death rate in India is 3.06 percent compared to the global death rate of 6.65 percent.


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