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Only 10 min required for Coronavirus to infect you, Study

Research for developing a vaccine against Covid virus is ongoing for a few months with no progress, but a study found that it takes only 10 minutes for the virus to infect a potent host.

Researchers at University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth found that 20 viruses are released in a minute through the breath of a Covid patient which makes the surroundings contaminated by 1000 viruses within 50 minutes. But the statistics take a sharp spike when the Covid patient speaks or does some activity to alter his normal breathing pattern. The viruses are released 10 times more when the patient speaks !.

If a healthy human enters a room occupied by a Covid patient and spends time to inhale the virus saturated air could infect him in less than 10 min, says Erin Bromage Comparative immunologist at the University of Massachusetts.


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