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The 5 health benefits of the fragrant Rose apple(Champa)

The fruits and vegetable section of markets are an eye candy with nicely decorated fruits of varied colors. Apples, Watermelons, and mangoes take the center stage of racks during summertime. But many vitamin-packed and delicious berries and fruits are still strange to these racks.

One such fruit is the rose apple known by many names -Jamun in Northern and Champa in Southern parts of India. The rose apple has a fragrance of fresh roses, as the name suggests and the flesh is juicy like an apple. But the sad part is Rose apple has a restriction for sale by the authorities. The reason is that the seed of Rose apple is poisonous and if consumed accidentally could be fatal.

The Rose apple fruit is a very potent immunity booster and is the best to ward off seasonal viral infections. The raw fruit is used to manufacture cider vinegar which has many health benefits and is used in many oriental medicinal concoctions.

1 The rose apple is good to relieve constipation as it contains copious amounts of fiber. The fruit is also known to keep blood sugar in control and is good for obese people as it reduces weight.

2 The fruit is an excellent immunity booster. Packed with readily available Vitamin C, it boosts body immunity quickly. If troubled with Cold or flu eat some rose apples in the afternoon- and you can readily feel the difference by evening. Rose apples are also known to stimulate the production of Collagen- a connective tissue that has a high impact on bolstering the body’s immunity.

3 Rose apples are beneficial for eyesight. The fruit has Vitamin A in fairly good amounts which is very good to improve the eyesight.

4 They readily hydrate the body, and is a boon for summertime. The fruit if taken on a sweaty sunny day will recharge you instantly. Plus it is good for glowing skin, as it stimulates collagen production within the body. The fruit is a natural ‘Gatorade’ as it replenishes, balances, and additionally also maintains blood electrolytes.

5 Rose apples are found to be good for healthy bones and teeth. The fruits has plenty of Calcium and Pottasium-minerals associated with bone strength.


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