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Apple Homepod review ,Price-wise not a match for Amazon smart speakers

The HomePod is Apple’s venture on smart speaker range. Apart from the cylindrical form of most smart speakers the design is very Apple and has a cuddly feel when held in hands.

Siri logo is flashed on the top display whenever we speak to the device- a kind of robotic node. The volume rockers and other controls also appear at the top display when the speaker plays something. The touch-sensitive top display takes all commands from here.

All you need to do is to bring an iPhone(HomePod gets connected to tablet and iPod also) to the connectivity range of HomePod and the rest is all done by the Apple side. The devices get connected after a handshake and the master device which is the iPhone shares everything it has from Wi-Fi passwords and preferences to iTunes accounts to the HomePod.

A specific feature of the HomePod is that it tunes itself to the acoustics of the room it is kept in. The six microphone act like sensors and listen to reflections coming from the music to figure out its location in a room and adjust the audio accordingly. So wherever you keep it in the room, the HomePod will sound the same. If you are in the mood for it, there is the option to pair two speakers to create a stereo combo for the home. The HomePod is priced at 19,900.

The Amazons Alexa range is a more affordable smart speaker with the 360-degree speakers delivering decent music quality with Dolby. Alexa is a pretty capable digital assistant too. The Echo Dot is priced at just over Rs 3000


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