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“Stop ranting and behave responsibly. At least try to track your trains’: Thomas Issack lashes out at union Railway minister

Kerala’s finance minister , Dr. T.M.Thomas Issack has came down heavily on Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal over the special trains that are operated during lockdown. He was replying to the statement of Piyush Goyal that the Kerala chief minister doesn’t care about the people of the state, after the state government cancelled an “unannounced train” to Kerala from Maharashtra.

Kerala’s Finance Minister Thomas Isaac accused the union government of trying to spread the virus in the state by not informing the state authorities about migrants coming to the state.

“A train came from Mumbai last week. We were intimated only after train started. Unscheduled stops. Majority of passengers no passes. Anarchy in pandemic times. Railways want to be super spreader in Kerala. Stop ranting and behave responsibly. At least try to track your trains,” Isaac tweeted.

Pinarayi Vijayan on Tuesday lashed out at Railway Minister Piyush Goyal for his alleged comments.

“Indian Railways decided to send a train from Mumbai to Kerala. No information about it was passed to the Kerala government”, said Pinarayi.

“The matter was taken up with the Railway Minister. We said that this would undermine measures taken by our government to ensure proper monitoring and control the spread of Covid. But then there was the issue of deciding to send another train in the same way from Delhi. Therefore, the matter has been brought to the notice of the Prime Minister”, Pinarayi Vijayan added.


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