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Sex and Life : Avoid these food items, it is harmful for your sex-life

You must have often seen that you are in a mood to have sex, but there is a hesitation in you and your performance gets worse day by day. You may be blaming stress, fatigue, lack of sleep for this, but another thing may be the reason for this.

It has been revealed in research that some food items affect your hormonal level. So, next time, pay attention to what you are eating. Know how much to eat in order to prevent weight gain, so you should be aware that you have to be aware of eating because eating is the main reason behind your sex-related problem. So today we will tell you which are that foodstuff that kills your sex drive.

Many people have the habit of drinking cold drinks immediately after eating food. Which is not right for you. You need to think about the habit of cola because if you love cola, then you will have to say goodbye to your sex life. Cola contains artificial sweeteners that affect serotonin levels. Doing so has a bad effect on your sex system.

People have many disadvantages of drinking alcohol. But no one would have told anything related to sex. If the liver is weak, it is evident that androgen translates into estrogen and sexual desire decreases. According to researchers, excessive consumption of alcohol can cause men to maintain ejaculation.

If you feel that you are in the habit of eating biscuits with tea or anything else, is this right? The strips used in processing eliminate nutrients, that increase sexual desire. For example, when wheat is processed and made into flour, it consumes three-fourths of the dissolved zinc, which is an important mineral for sex drive.

Things made with refined flour are called Transfat. However, if your arteries get blocked, then the blood flow in your sexual organs is also interrupted. But, by eating things that are trans fats, it reduces your sex drive.

Be careful if you use enough sugar. Even if you do not take sugar in tea-coffee, but sugar is hidden in most food items. Increasing blood sugar decreases your sexual desire.

Disadvantages of plastic bottles If you have plastic bottles lying here, throw them away. Bottles are the root of the trouble, not bottled water. In plastic bottles and other containers, a chemical component called bisfinal A (BPA) is found which affects the fertility of both men and women. Beet Loss Beetroot contains many nutrients, but if your testosterone level is already low then eat less beetroot.

Say goodbye to canned food It is very easy to prepare canned food. But, canned soups and other foods have high dietary sodium levels which increase blood pressure and reduce blood flow in many parts of the body. Next time when you want to drink tomato soup, take time out and prepare it yourself;

Coffee is dangerous, a cup of coffee wakes you up. But, if you do not feel fresh after drinking coffee, you are worried then it means that the caffeine can also affect your performance. Restlessness can decrease your sex drive. Take care of these things

Do not eat spicy food it is not right for health. Our advice is to reduce the consumption of these things a little. Aromatic and spicy food affects your private part. Eat less or else there may be a problem in your sex life.


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