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Actor Vijay Deverakonda helps over 17,000 families amid lockdown

Telugu superstar Vijay Deverakonda has reached out with essentials to over 17,000 middle class families amid the lockdown.

Vijay took to Instagram and shared the “final report” of the work done in the past one month by his non-profitable organisation, The Deverakonda Foundation, which marked its origin in April 2019.

The foundation, up till now, has successfully aided 17,723 middle-class families with their groceries and basic essentials, spending Rs 17,121,103, with the help of his Middle Class Fund (MCF).

Vijay also shared a letter for his “Middle Class Family”.

He wrote: “In 30 years from today, when I am 60 and you are 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, oops. This corona will also be a memory, it”ll be a strange incident that scared us, shut us down, stopped us from shaking each others hands, hugging, where the sound of a cough seemed like an explosion..

“It”ll be memory of something we as a world shared together, how many such memories do we have?. Some will laugh thinking about it, some will become emotional thinking about how hard it was, most will do both..”

“And then, we will also remember how many, who were strangers, came together to help us like we were their own.”

With him are 8515, whom he calls his “middle class family,” and “535 volunteers”, whom he calls “rowdies”.

Right now, Vijay shared, MCF is put on “rest mode”, what with the onset of Lockdown 5.0, which comes with several relaxations.

“Today we put the MCF into Rest mode. As families get back into work, as the cities come back to life, as we spent all the funds we were given responsibility of.”

Vijay in his letter added: “II say rest mode because the MCF is a support system that we have created for a lifetime, it will be activated, up and running if ever a situation calls for its need.”

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