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Quarter of NE Indian population lost jobs in Covid reign: Survey

A staggering 22 percent of the population of North-East India were unemployed or lost their job during the lockdown period.The data was extracted from a survey report of the focus group on business and economic policy research of University Business School (UBS) of the Punjab University

The elaborate online survey was conducted on Punjab,Haryana,Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh.Based on analysis of data from 510 responses, the study revealed a devastating impact of lockdown 1.0 on employment scenario in the surveyed states.

They depicted that due to lockdown, 22 per cent workers lost their jobs and 31 per cent have had to face partial unemployment, which means they have either had to leave other side businesses or experienced decline in their income from a single job.

In the overall analysis, employment of 54 per cent workers has been hit hard by the nationwide lockdown in the surveyed states. The informal sector has taken the brunt of the impact.A whopping 80 percent of laborers in informal sector were left with out any job while 30 percent were partially employed .The formal sector recorded 10 per cent full unemployment, while 30 per cent had partial unemployment.

The informal sector which makes the biggest pie in Indian work force, were the greatest sufferer from employment losses.


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