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Covid virus multiples its capacity to infect humans with each mutation, Study

The researchers at Scripps,US has identified a specific mutation which significantly increases the ability of the Cov2-SARS virus to infect human cells.The new finding explains why early outbreaks in China and France did not end up overwhelming health systems like the outbreaks in New York and Italy.

The mutation, named D614G, increased the number of “spikes” on the coronavirus – which is the part that gives it its distinctive shape. Those spikes are what allow the virus to bind to and infect cells.”The number—or density—of functional spikes on the virus is 4 or 5 times greater due to this mutation,” said Hyeryun Choe, one of the senior authors of the study.

The researchers say that it is still unknown whether this small mutation affects the severity of symptoms of infected people, or increases mortality.


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