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India’s blinding blow to China: Submarines enter Malacca strait

Expecting a devious Chinese plan to claim the Andaman and Nicobar islands, Indian submarines advanced to Malacca strait to block Chinese vessels from entering into Indian Ocean from the South China sea. Indian navies strategic move will also block China from accessing Coco Islands in the NE Bay of Bengal. The long abandoned islands are now a Chinese Naval base and a 1000 km landing strip and monitoring instruments are erected by the Chinese.

The new advancement is keenly monitored by international analysts, as the armies of both nations are already prepped-up to meet any situation along the border. Blocking Chinese access to Coco islands is strategically important for India as it will give Chinese navy a upper hand over operations in Indian Ocean.

In addition to the Army and Navy, the IAF is also in high alert as a Chinese fighter plane was spotted in the POK region.


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