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Link between Covid deaths and Blood types discovered by Scientists,A group more prone to virus

Covid mortality rates and the blood group of patients have a link. Iranian scientists at Med Rizvi have unveiled their comprehensive study which correlates blood types and the likelihood of being hospitalized with critical Covid complications. A Preprint of their research is published on the MedRxiv portal.

The findings are enforcing earlier preliminary research made on the same subject by Chinese and US scientists. The researchers came to a joint conclusion that all three studies suggest people with the ‘A’ blood group carry the infection the worst. Patients with the third and fourth groups were slightly less likely to die, and the scientists named people with the first blood group(AB group) as the least vulnerable to COVID-19.

The publication clarifies that the influence of blood type on the severity of the disease is not associated with any complications or risk factors that were infected. The head of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency previously also said that people with the second blood group are most often infected with the coronavirus. However, she admitted that this might be because this group is the most common.

According to the World Health Organization, more than 8.7 million people have been infected with the coronavirus worldwide, and more than 461,000 have died. In Russia, 585 thousand cases of COVID-19 were detected, about eight thousand people died, and more than 339 thousand recovered.


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