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After Nepal and China Bhutan too against India? Fact check on Bhutan blocking river to India.

Recently a disturbing news about India’s traditionally friendly neighbour Bhutan has also turned against India has surfaced the media. India who has already sour diplomatic bonds with its NE neighbours has a trusty small neighbour -Bhutan. The news of Bhutan turning hostile however was a misunderstanding and it happened like this.

The news was that Bhutan changed the course of a river flowing to a farming village in Assam .The villagers actually complained to authorities that the river suddenly dried up and the farm lands are in danger of great loss.The authorities even checked and verified that the river had stopped flowing from across the border of Bhutan which led to conclusion that Bhutan had blocked the flow of river.

But as the Indian media started reporting the matter with much importance, it grabbed the attention of Bhutan government which promptly came with an explanation. The Assam Chief secretary Sanjay Krishna on Friday clarified that the river was not blocked but gravel sediments and logs of wood piled up building a natural dam across the river which flows from Bhutan to Assam.

The Bhutan government has cleared the sediments and the river now flows to India.

After the river stopped  flow from Bhutan side, earlier reports from Bhutan suggested the ban on water applied to all its neighbours and Congress alleged the drastic fail of Modi’s foreign policy is behind the situations in the border. Photographs of the river blocked with sand bags  also surfaced on the internet.

Even the right wing veteran think tank ,Subramanian Swamy came up with posts condemning the foreign policy of India. However Indian diplomacy worked this time to persuade Bhutan to clear the river, making an end to water dispute.

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