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India marks highest Q2 rise since 2009 in stock markets amid Covid-19 pandemic; gain 20 %

India saw the biggest rise in the second quarter, April-June 2020 with the stock markets clocking their best gains since the September quarter of 2009.The resurrection is largely credited to a gush of liquidity flowing into the Indian markets, especially foreign capital which gave a revived optimism of economic recovery after the lockdown.

How ever market analysts are still skeptic about the sustenece of the sudden rise without the lack of fundamantal support.”It may take another three months to accurately estimate the impact of the pandemic and the shutdown. And another three months to discern the positive impact of the measures taken by the government and the RBI on economic growth, demand and employment. If the numbers do not come up to the anticipated levels, which it is quite likely, it may result in disappointment and could lead to a corrective downward movement”, said a Wealth management expert.


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