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Indian soldiers will soon get Desi versions of Swiss Army knives

Indian Soldiers will soon be carrying an indigenous copy of the famed Swiss Army knives used as a multi-purpose tool in the field by the jawans. The army knife will be equipped with a detonator crimper, a wire cutter, a bottle opener for opening “soda bottles” and food cans, and a blade which can be used as a dagger in hand to hand combat.

As per the army requirement, the multipurpose tool should come with a long nose plier with universal detonator crimper that could screw and remove maximum 14mm nuts or bolts and crimp universal size detonators. Nose and handle must have adequate hardness to perform routine task easily. It should also be able to cut binding wire up to 12 gauge and strip electric wire ranging from 24 to 12 gauge. The knife should be able to drive and remove cross tip screws, the army sources added. The knives will come in black, Olive green and camouflage pattern colours.

Besides cutting, a part of the knife could be used for precise sawing of wood, bone, aluminium and metal The tool must function efficiently in temperatures as low as minus 20 to 50 degree Celsius. The Army will soon issue an open tender for the multi-purpose tool.

The Swiss Army knives became famous during the second world war, when the US soldiers were impressed with its efficiency seeing it in the hands of Swiss soldiers.


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