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US firms tapping to Canada for engineering talent after the H1B Visa ban

Following the suspension of H-1B and other non-immigrant work permits in the United States, Silicon Valley start-up firms are turning to Canada to hire engineering talents.US companies had started making the gradual shift as the Trump administration made the terms for H1B visa tighter and atlast banning its issue till the end of this year.The Indian job market will have a direct impact for the latest trend in US start-ups.

Canadian staffing firms like MobSquad have also reported an increase in queries from both Indian engineers in the United States as well as US firms who want to move people to Canada.

As such several US firms with the intention of retaining the skilled immigrant staffs are moving them to their Canadian branches. In several cases, even if the person is on a valid work permit, the ongoing uncertainty around the future of H-1B visas and the long path to a permanent residency, are compelling the firms to look for alternatives. Last week, President Trump issued a sweeping order meant to block hundreds of thousands of foreign workers- especially Indians from seeking employment in the United States. The order will keep half-a-million seasonal laborers, students, and skilled professionals out of the USA.

Canada has a pro-immigration policy with programs like the Global Talent Stream aimed at attracting high-skill workers within processing times of just two weeks. Between January and April 2020, about 27,000 of the 76,000 immigration work permits that Canada issued went to Indian nationals.


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