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“Ravana’s end was unfortunate due to his expansionist thinking.”: Uttarakhand Minister send copy of ‘Ramayana’ to Chinese President

Satpal Maharaj, the tourism minister in Uttarakhand t has reportedly sent a copy of the Ramayana to Chinese President Xi Jinping. He said that Chinese President must draw lessons from the Ramayana at a time when China is making moves towards expansionism in the region.

“Ravana is said to have ten heads which means he was as intelligent and powerful as 10 men but his end was unfortunate due to his expansionist thinking”, said Satpal Maharaj.

“I am sending this scripture to Honorable President of China Xi Jingping. I would request him to study the Ramayana and see what happened to Ravana who has intelligence and power second to none (sic)”, he added.

He added that China must help nations in their fight against Covid-19. Instead, the country under Jinping as its head is thinking of expansionism. “The COVID-19 virus which originated in Wuhan of China has spread to almost every corner of the world. I wish he would have helped everybody instead of getting involved in border disputes,” he added.


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