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Health and Life : Know the reasons for being homo or homosexual

Literally, “homo” means same and “sexual” means sex, thus homosexual or homosexual are those who are attracted to same sex or sex. In fact, the term “sexuality” or “sexuality” is a combination of many things like our sexual behavior, rules and social beliefs.

This does not mean that anyone who speaks of homosexuality is “homophobic” (fear of homosexuality). The social recognition that heterosexual people receive also prevents them from understanding and considering gay people.

Homosexuality refers to a person being sexually attracted to people of the same sex. Men who are attracted to other men may be called “gay” or gay, and women who are attracted to other women may also be called gay but are usually referred to as “female homosexual” or lesbian. People who are attracted to both women and men are called bisexual. Overall, the LGBT community consists of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Actually, this community has been in operation since 1990 and this community includes people who are not heterosexual.

Of course, there may be some signs of being gay, but there are no ubiquitous traits that apply to everyone at all times. As mentioned above, there are no noticeable signs of homosexuality, but there are still some stereotypical assumptions based on which people try to recognize homosexuality, such as: an unusually mild fragility in the walking of young boys. , Playing with dolls, being interested in makeup, being interested in girls’ clothes. Among younger girls, a desire to resemble boys, a greater interest in boys’ sports, a readiness to scramble with boys, and a hatred of all femininity habits and beauty were considered homosexual traits that are totally wrong because they do not necessarily have such interests children should be gay.


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