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Health and Life : Smoking can decrease your sex capacity

Smoking increases the risk of erectile dysfunction (hardening of the penis). There is no doubt that smoking affects your sex life. Year after year if a man smokes cigarettes, many studies indicate that he may have problems with penis stimulation. The good thing is that if this habit is kicked off at the right time, then there can be rescue from this problem. A study done on 1500 men in Australia shows that the sooner this habit is abandoned, the easier it can be to compensate for the loss caused by it.

If a person has not smoked in the last ten years, the possibility of erectile dysfunction remains as much as a man who has never smoked in life. If people who smoke more (20 years or longer) stop smoking then the damage that has been done may not be possible to replace it now.

According to an American study, if they stop smoking, then they will have the possibility of erectile dysfunction as someone who still smokes. Another Australian study suggests that some of the disadvantages may be compensated for some time after quitting smoking, but there are some disadvantages that may never be recovered.

It is certain that smoking causes problems in penis stimulation. But what about the passive smoking that we do not want while staying with a smoker? The truth is a little jarring. American studies also show that long-term passive smoking (passive smoking) can also cause erectile dysfunction, although this is unlikely. What is the relationship between smoking and penis stimulation? Smoking causes damage to the blood vessels due to which the flow of blood becomes difficult. The hardening of the penis is actually the swelling caused by the increased flow of blood. So maybe now you have understood that if blood does not flow properly, then the penis will not be stimulated properly.


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