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Islamic country scraps alcohol ban and apostasy law

The African country, Sudan has decided to scrap some of the Islamic laws in the country. Sudan has been ruled under Islamic laws for the last 30 years. As per reports, the ban on alcohol and scrapping public flogging as a punishment, as well as a ban on female genital mutilation will be scrapped. This was announced by Justice Minister Nasredeen Abdulbari.

The broader social rules, including alcohol bans, will remain in place for Muslim citizens. But non Muslims will allow to drink alcohol.

Other changes, such as no longer requiring women to obtain a permit from their male members for travel with their children, and renouncing Islam – known as apostasy – will no longer result in the death penalty.

A transition government led by Abdalla Hamdok replaced autocrat Omar al-Bashir after he was toppled last year by the military following months of mass protests. Hamdok’s government vowed to transition to democracy, end discrimination and make peace with rebels.


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