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‘Dirty politics when nation looms in Covid crisis’, Young MLA slams Rajasthan Political crisis

Rajiv Chadha,the AAP MLA from Rajiv Nagar-Delhi slammed the Rajsathan political crisis which followed after the Sachin Pilot’s decision to change the camp along with his supporters.Chadha said that political parties are busy playing games at a time when the focus should be on fighting the pandemic. The AAP MLA said now is the time when all parties should come together and stand united in the face of the Covid-19 crisis.

“Now is the time to figure out how can we protect our country, our citizens and their health amid the pandemic. How can we improve our recovery rate? How can various states conduct more tests and arrange for more beds, ventilators, ICUs,” the young MLA who is also a accomplished Chartered Accountant was quoted as saying .

“It is a sad spectacle to witness that parties are busy playing dirty politics at a time when the pandemic crisis looms overhead,” Chadha said. Focussing his attack on Congress he said ,“The Congress party is currently on a ventilator, fighting for its survival. It cannot save itself. We all have seen, states after states it can be seen selling its votes and MLAs,” Chadha said, citing examples of similar power tussle in states like Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh were similar drama happened as Congress and BJP on the center stage.

Chadha’s remarks comes as the political tussle in Rajasthan intensifies with the recent removal of Sachin Pilot as deputy chief minister and state Congress committee chief.


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