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‘UnIslamic’: Buddha statue destroyed on Muslim cleric’s order : video

In a shocking development, an ancient historical statue of Gautam was destoyed by a group of copnstruction workers as per a Muslim clerics order. The shocking incident took place Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan .

The local construction workers on 18 July had discovered the ancient statues in Takht Bhai area in the Mardan district of the province. The native Muslim cleric of the region allegedly ordered the workers to smash the idol into pieces.

A video of the act has since gone viral on social media, showed the construction workers, along with a Muslim cleric, smashing the Buddha statue using a sledgehammer.

Takht Bhai is a part of the Gandhara civilisation, where Buddhism thrived until the 8th or 9th centuries when Islam first began to gain sway in the region. Since 1836, when it was first excavated, archaeologists have dug out hundreds of relics made of clay, stucco, and terracotta in the area.


Four people have been arrested in connection with the case.


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