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India offers safety and shelter to 700 Hindus and Sikhs from Afghanistan

India will give shelter to 700 Hindus and Sikhs from Afghanistan who were escaped from the country due to the religious persecutions. This was announced by the Home Ministry. These refugees will arrive India before August 15.This was reported by Swarjya.

“To begin with, over 700 such individuals have been identified and the required formalities are underway to bring them to India before 15 August”, a government official was quoted as saying.

600 Sikhs had applied for long term visas to India. The minority community had sought shelter in India after the  terror attack on a religious gathering at a Gurudwara in  Kabul on 25 March. Over 25 Sikh men, women and children were killed in the attack.

The Afghani Sikhs and Hindus who will now arrive in India include those who have been facing security threats. Many of their relatives are already settled in India.

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