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Hurricane Hanna makes landfall in Texas,Emergency declared

The tropical storm Hanna made its Texas landfall in the wee hours of Monday and is now moving deep to inlands, creating havoc.The storm wrecked in lower Texas Gulf coast area damaging homes and facilities.The hurricane strike made the matters worst for Texas,struggling to contain high rate of Covid infection spread.Texas is one of the US states with a highly active virus.

Hanna is the first Atlantic storm to hit the US.The hurricane intensified to category II just before landfall.Texas governor Greg Abbott declared emergency in view of the level of damage the hurricane raised.With wind speeds of 90 mph,typical for cat II, Hanna peeled the roof tops,mangled the trees and electric posts were uprooted in many areas.Torrential rains and floods quickly followed making rescue efforts complicated.

Authorities concern for the virus spread is evident with shelter facilities jam packed with the hurricane affected-with no means to observe social distancing norms.

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