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Fake charity:NGO members arrested for diverting Covid relief fund

Members of an NGO-‘HYC’, operating in Hyderabad were arrested by  police for allegedly diverting approximately 1 Crore rupee collected for charity to their personal accounts. Salman Khan 29 the President of the NGO was arrested by police together with Syed Ayub 31,the organiser of HYC from their office at Humayun Nagar.

The pitiful stories of the sick and poor were made into videos and posted onto Facebook and urged to make donations.The funds were later transferred to personal accounts.

The forgery came to light as Mohammed Imran-a donor,lodged a complaint at Chandrayangutta Police station.The complaint was lodged after donor detected the money donated in charity for the relief of 4 daughters of a dying mother was missing.The NGO displayed the account number of Asra Begum,the care taker of the daughters of Yasmeen Sultana 50 who died on 22nd of July.Following Salman’s appeal, many donors deposited money totalling 45 lakhs into the account within three days.

Investigation reveled that the NGO had done forgery totaling to atleast 1 Cr in the name of Covid releif and other Charity.“Recently, Hyderabad Youth Courage posted a video on Facebook, in which Salman appealed for donations. He said a Covid patient named Yasmeen Sultana was critically ill and needed money for her treatment. An account number, purportedly belonging to a woman named Asra Begum, their accomplice, was displayed and donors were asked to transfer money to the account,” a Hyderabad police official said.

“Asra Begum transferred Rs 15 lakh into Salman’s account, and another Rs 15 lakh into the account of Rashid, a relative of Syed Ayub, and kept the remaining amount with herself.

Police is on the look-out of Asra Begum who is missing now.


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