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Ministry of Health breaks silence on India’s Herd immunity

Rajesh Bhushan,the Secretary for Health Ministry on Thursday said that herd immunity is an indirect defense. Patients who have been cured of the disease after infection develop herd immunity. India has a population of 138 crores. In a country with such a population, it is not advisable to develop herd immunity without vaccination. This is extremely dangerous.

“More than one million patients have been cured of corona virus in India so far. This is a great achievement. This shows that your doctors, nurses and healthcare workers have worked very hard and diligently”,said Rajesh Bhushan.

Rajesh Bhushan said that 1400 labs have been set up across the country and the recovery rate is increasing. The rate was 7.85% in April and today it is 64.4%.”We had enhanced our testing infrastructure. One crore 81 lakh 90 thousand tests have been done in the country. We have built 1400 labs across the country. Four lakh 46 thousand tests were done in a day yesterday.”added health secretary.

Rajesh said, adding that 16 states have higher recovery rates than the national average. It is 88% in Delhi, 80% in Ladakh, 78% in Haryana, 76% in Assam, 74% in Telangana, 73% in Tamil Nadu, 70% in Rajasthan, 69% in Madhya Pradesh and 68% in Goa.The Covid mortality of India stands at 2.21% and is the amoung the lowest in the world.

He added that the Phase-I and phase-II trails for two Covid vaccines have begun in India.

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