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24 killed in terror attack on the prison

At least 24 people had killed in a terror attack targeted at a jail. The people had died after a gun battle between Daesh fighters and Afghan security forces in the eastern city of Jalalabad on Monday.The terror attack led to a mass jailbreak.

The attack began on Sunday evening with car bomb detonated at the entrance to the prison, and there were numerous other blasts heard as Daesh gunmen opened fire on security guards. Some 30 militants involved in the attack on the prison, where some 2,000 prisoners were held.

Three militants were killed during the initial attack and gun battle overnight, while at least 21 civilians and members of security forces died in the fighting, and 43 were wounded,.

Daesh claimed responsibility for the attack. A United Nations report last month estimated there are around 2,200 Daesh members in Afghanistan.

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