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Communist leader slaughters 5 cows to distribute beef: claims will kill 30 cows next year: Video

A communist party leader in Bangladesh has slaughtered 5 cows to distribute beef. As per reports in OPindia, a communist leader in Bangladesh named Dr Manisha Chakraborty and her fellow comrades had slaughtered 5 cows to distribute beef during the occasion of Bakr Eid in Barisal, Bangladesh. Dr Manisha Chakraborty is he member secretary of the district committee of Bangladesh Samajtantrik Dal (Bangladesh Socialist party).

She has shared on Facebook a post in which she describes the reason behind her act. “Aikhana panchti goru kurbani daowa hoyecha o seta ke process kora hoyeche (We have sacrificed 5 cows and processed the meat),” Dr. Manisha was heard as saying in the video.

“Last year, we had fed around 5000 families… We have raised funds to purchase 5 cows and sacrifice it ourselves…We thank everyone who helped us in doing this. “Agami kurbani te 30 ta ward e minimum 30 ta goru kurbani dibo (Next year, on Eid, we will sacrifice of minimum of 30 cows to feed the people in 30 wards of the district). Conspirators have failed. History is a testimony to the fact that those who work for the people can only succeed”, she added.


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