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Reliance accomplishes 2nd rank as the biggest brand after Apple

Reliance Industries (RIL), the country’s most valuable company, has been ranked as the second largest brand in the Futurebrand Index 2020. In this, American giant tech company Apple is in the first place. Futurebrand said that this year, Reliance has jumped to number two.
In this, American giant tech company Apple is in the first place. Futurebrand said that Reliance joined this list for the first time and has jumped straight to the second position. The company has performed tremendously in every respect. It is one of the highest profit making companies in India and is highly respected. It works cleanly and is known for growth, innovative products and great customer service. Futurebrand said that people have a deep emotional connection with Reliance.

Futurebrand is a global brand transformation company. It says that the credit for the success of Reliance goes to Mukesh Ambani, who has spread the company’s business in various fields. Ambani expanded business outside the petrochemical business and made Reliance a digital company that caters to every need of the consumer. Today, the company operates in several sectors including energy, petrochemical, textile, natural resources, retail and telecommunications. Now Google and Facebook are also taking stakes in Reliance and the company can top the next index.
Apple tops the 2020 list while Samsung is at number three. It is followed by Nvidia, Moutai, Nike, Microsoft, ASML, PayPal and Netflix. The Futurebrand Index is a global conception study that ranks PwC’s global top 100 companies by conception by market cap, not by financial strength. Reliance is at number 91 in PwC’s 2020 list. A total of 15 new companies were added to the Futurebrand Index this year, 7 of which managed to make it to the top 20. These include Reliance Industries which has reached the second place directly.


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