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Bizarre villages in our country!!! Check it out


The village of snakes

At about 200 km from Pune in Sholapur district, is located a village named Shetpal. Here, cobra snakes have permanent abode in each and every house and they are worshipped daily in every home in this village.
Snakes here have no restriction in their movement and none of the 2,600 plus villagers ever harm them. Infact cobras are welcomed in every house as a member of the family. Neither the cobras nor the residents live in fear of each other!!!

The village with no doors!!!

In the holy village of shani shingnapur in Maharashtra, there are homes but no doors at all. Receiving over 40,000 devotees every single day, this village has houses with no doors or locks. They believe that lord Shani will protect them from any calamity and they sleep off peacefully with open homes each night.

The village of Millionaires !!!

Tucked away in the Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra, Hiware Bazar was struck with poverty and drought some 30 years ago but in the 1990s, fate of the village changed where it transformed into a wealthy village with nearly 60 millionaires, all of whom a farmer with a per capita income of just rupees 830 per month back in 1995, to over rupees 30,000 today. Hiware Bazar has 60 millionaires, and this village is a quintessential example of a developing nation.

Modern Village!!!

In this village of 6000 in Sabarkantha district of Gujarat, every home has toilets, there are two primary schools, a primary health centre, street lights and a drainage system. And that’s not all the entire village is Wi-Fi enabled, has CCTV cameras installed at strategic points and a public address system which covers the entire population with the help of about 140 loudspeakers installed all over the village!!! They don’t call this the model village for nothing.

The African Village of India !!!

In the village of Jambur near Gir in the heart of Gujarat, it’s quite strange to stumble upon a community that is African in origin but Gujarati, in speech and manner you could easily mistake it for Soweto or Mombasa these people are believed to have been brought from Africa by the Nawab of Junagadh since Islam was the prevalent region, they followed their new faith and adapted to the local environment.

Village of Twins

A remote village in Kerala’s Malappuram district, is a mystery to researchers, this village has the largest number of twins in the country. According to estimates, there are at least 400 pairs of twins in the village that has a population of 2000 families. While the national average of twin birth is not more than 9 in 1000 births, in Kodinhi, the numbers are as high as 45 in 1000 births!!!!

The Village of Bachelors !!!

They call this the village of bachelors because for over 50 years, no one has gotten married in this village, and the reason is shocking!! It’s the lack of infrastructure and amenities that no one sends their daughter into this village.

The Cleanest Village!!!

The place is called god’s own garden and it has enough reasons for that.It was awarded the title of cleanest village in asia by Discover india in 2003.From a full 100% literacy rate to a highly progressive scenario for women, this village has struck all the correct chords.

The village where frogs get married!!!

The most bizarre them of them all, the people of this village organize frog weddings as they think it is responsible for rainfall it is for them to please god of rain.Hundreds of village folks, young and old boys and girls gather at rongdoi village till late at night to witness the unconventional marriage there is a mythological belief among Hindus that if wild frogs caught by people are married off with vedic rites and traditional marriage rituals like human being ,it can help bring rainfall in the coming days.

The portuguese village of india!!!

the village where everyone speaks in portuguese! seems unreal right? but it’s true! you will be greeted in portuguese, even the names are portuguese and people eat portuguese food. You can call it a mini Brazil in India.
Though it was built by portuguese, it’s been around hundreds of years to keep the heritage alive.
Well call it bizarre or unreal , you can’t deny the fact that our country has so much to offer in terms of uniqueness and culture

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