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Igniting tension in middle Asia, China claims Pamir mountains

As the whole world is fighting the coronavirus pandemic which originated from China in last December, China is busy in expanding its territory. After trying to intrude in to Indian borders the Communist China has claimed territory of Bhutan and even in South China sea.

Now the Chinese government has eyes on central Asian republic Tajikistan’s Pamir mountains. A daily owned by the Chinese government has claimed the Pamir mountain range, which runs along the Tajik border with Afghanistan and China. The daily has asked to cede the mountain rage to China. A Chinese nationalist historian has claimed that the entire Pamir region rightfully belonged to China and needed to be returned.

Tajikistan a Muslim dominated country was a part of Soviet Union became independent in 1991 . In 2011, the parliament of Tajikistan ratified an earlier agreement to hand over 1,000 sq km of land in the Pamir mountains to China in return for debt forgiveness.


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