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Serena Williams to play US and French opens,”I have been a bit of a recluse … this is my life and my health”

Top seed Serena Williams now playing a tournament in Kentucky said she prepares to travel to Europe for the French Open in late September and compete at the remaining tournaments on the schedule, if they are conducted in the first place.

“I see myself doing it, all if it happens,” she said from the grass courts in Kentucky were the top seed Tournament, a new tennis open is taking place. She played the match in front of a vacant gallery and said the feeling is nostalgic to her were in her youth she played mostly with no fans to cheer her in the gallery.

Serene Williams is also cautious due to the lung issues she had in the past. The possibility of contracting coronavirus is a greater concern for Williams as she has been in hospital with life-threatening pulmonary embolisms in 2011, during which the blood clots in her lungs destroyed a portion of her lung tissue. She suffered a recurrence in 2017 after giving birth to her daughter, Olympia.

The tennis star is still playing without full lung capacity. She started very cautiously distancing herself from the start of the pandemic.“I have been a bit of a recluse,” she said… “It is cool to play tennis, but this is my life and my health, so I have been a little bit neurotic but that is how I have to be.”

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