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“A cheap and stupid advertisement”-Electronic & Home Appliances dealer in Kerala takes advantage of the “Covid Pandemic situation” to boost his sale!!!

Finally…A promoter for covid -19 !!!
Festive offer for corona patients, only if you are our customer.
Offer from an established dealer of electronic products Nandilath G- Mart!!! The offer of 50,000 cashback is valid only for purchases between 15th to the end of this month and only if the customer catches covid. Wow!!!

This advertisement of a leading electronic dealer in Kerala, shows the disgusting evil tactics of a businessman who tries to fill his pockets while lakhs of poor people struggle to earn his daily bread. Is he promoting the spread of the pandemic?

This man is mocking people!!!
In this worst scenario also he is worried about his business without being concerned about the health of his fellow beings .What if this happens to anyone in his family, will he make it profitable? People around the world is trying hard to battle with the virus and this lousy person is taking corona as a real advantage to his business promotion.

This is a time when people are not even getting their salaries properly and facing economic crisis. In such a condition it is such an inhuman thing that the owner is doing by putting the life of people in danger. Poor people may get attracted to this as they are facing the worst in their life. It would aggravate them to do anything for money without than thinking about the consequences.

Apart from the people who uphold a sufficient bank balance (who refuses to spend a penny for others) and of course, govt servants who receive a neat salary every month without hindrance, 90%of the current population is in real suffering to make both ends meet. And this so called “dealer” poses a real threat to fellow human beings. Strict action should be taken against these senseless deeds which show real selfishness.

Apparently, it is impossible to trace the presence of Covid 19 virus within 24 hours in a human body. And the dealer here tries to cheat people by his cheap tricks so that he can easily escape from this claim that “the winner” didn’t show up in 24 hours of time after purchase!!! A real example of savageness.


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