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Adorable!!! Penguin watches ‘Pingu’ to kill boredom…Watch Video

Pierre, a rockhopper penguin, less than a year old in Australia’s Perth Zoo became extremely popular on the internet overnight. A video posted on the zoo’s official Facebook page has been the reason behind his popularity.

Being isolated in the zoo, the staff decided to keep him entertained. They play videos on the iPad by which he is extremely entertained. Few of the clips shown include that of his brethren in USA’s Kansas Zoo and the Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland.

Does anyone remember the famous cartoon series based on the adventures of a clumsy penguin and his family in Antartica. Yes, ‘Pingu’!, that is Pierre’s favourite one.

Take a look at the video:

Pierre penguin update | Perth Zoo

Pierre's a big fan of Pingu

Posted by Perth Zoo on Thursday, August 27, 2020

Pierre is seen adorable peering into the screen and watching it all so keenly. He is so curious and often flaps his wings. When the ‘Pingu’ song and picture come on, he watches it with the utmost concentration.
Apart from enjoying watching videos on the gadget, the adorable and rare penguin likes to check himself out in the mirror as well., Pierre is being taken care of the right way so that he can undergo the moulting process.


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