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Dolphins found dead after a massive oil spill in Mauritius!!!

Almost 38 dead dolphins have been washed ashore on the island of Mauritius in the after effect of a massive oil spill from a Japanese ship. The die-off has not yet been directly linked to the spill, and officials are still investigating the causes of death. Dead eels, crabs and seabirds were also found after the spill.

On July 25, the MV Wakashio, owned by Nagashiki Shipping, dumped 1000 tons of its cargo of 4,000 tonnes of oil in the sea along the coast of Mauritius, including in a protected wetland. Activists said the spill threatened 35 years of restoration work by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation which has reintroduced many the threatened species in the region.

Thousands of residents took action after the spill, working quickly to eliminate flora and fauna from the affected area. But scientists and activists fear the spill will have an effect on local wildlife for years to come.


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