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Kaipattoor Radhakrishnan: The mesmerizing hands of magic!!…

The violin is unarguably the world’s most popular instrument. Violin is an integral part of any Carnatic music concert for almost a century now. Violin found a natural home in the classical music of South India where it is now an indispensable part of a vocal, instrumental or dance performance. It is tuned differently and played using an entirely different technique to suit the needs of Carnatic music.

He uses his fingers and those strings to make mesmerizing music that feels so soothing… he is none our than Kaipattoor Radhakrishnan… a violin magician. He creates illusions with his violin. With his magic he has won the hearts of many people around Kerala… But such a versatile artist who could actually stand above the violin maestro ‘Balabaskar’ is not popular as he must be… Not only is he a professional in violin he is also proficient in other instrument like mridangam, Tabla, harmonium etc…

Here check out some of his magical music:

1.      This one is his latest video, wishing all a happy onam along with his daughter Chithira Radhakrishnan:

2.      Lokam muzhuvan sugham pakaranayi:

3.      Thaane thirinjum:

4.      Onnapoove :

5.      Chembakathaikal pootha:


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