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Heart-warming!!! A new technology helps a man with severe Parkinson’s to eat cereal from a bowl…Watch!!!

Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that mainly affects a person’s motor system. While the symptoms usually emerge slowly, the condition worsens over time resulting in rigidity, slowness in movement, difficulty in walking, and extreme shaking. This condition can limit a patient’s hand and feet movements and prevent them from doing the most basic things such as eating, walking, and making proper gestures.

Many patients around the world have been showing improvement in their condition with the help of a new research.

Justin Fields of Knoxville, Tennessee was able to eat cereal from a bowl for the first time in seven years as his condition showed significant improvements after a medical procedure. For years, the 35-years had to live with constant shaking which prevented him from eating in public, cooking, or playing sports.

He underwent a Deep Brain Stimulation that produced incredible results. The therapy not only improved his movement but also restored his ability to eat from a bowl.

Watch video:

As seen in the video, Justin struggles to control his hand movements due to involuntary tremors. But after a few attempts, he manages to get the spoon in his mouth. The improvement in his hand movement happens after he starts using his deep brain stimulator. In the video, he demonstrated the effectiveness of the device after switching it on. As soon as he switched on the device, his tremors stopped and he was able to eat the cereal.


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