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Hilarious!!! Unable to operate, thief returns phone to owner…

West Bengal: A man got lucky when he got back the smartphone he lost at a shop, after the person who stole it returned the device as he could not operate it.

The man left his mobile phone worth Rs 45,000 by mistake at a sweet shop at Jamalpur. The phone was soon stolen from the shop counter, where it was lying, by a 22-year-old person. The phone owner had lodged a complaint with the police as the phone could not be traced at the sweet shop.

He had tried to make a call to his number from another phone but found it was switched off. But the situation changed when he repeated the attempt and the man who had stolen the phone answered the call and told him that he wanted to return the phone as he did not know how to operate it.

No complaint was registered against the man on the complainant’s request as his phone was returned to him. Usually when phones get stolen, thieves sell it in black markets, and parts that help trace them, like the SIM card or IMEI number, are removed.


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