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What if history repeats itself in 2021!!!! Shocking and most feared…

Do you believe in the saying that ‘history repeats itself’. After seeing everything that has happened in 2020, this saying seems to be true. The coronavirus pandemic was the first major outbreak after 100 years of Spanish flu which took place in 1920. However, there is a strange theory floating around social media about events in from 1938 to 1941 that have a connection to events from 2018 to 2020 so far. If this strange pattern is to be followed, then believe me 2021 could be a whole lot worse. These are some events that conspiracy theorists have connected.

In 1938, France hosted the FIFA World Cup. Italy went on to win the tournament for the second time. However, the year after that, in 1939, Australia was ravaged by some of the worst bushfires in history. In the Black Friday Bushfire incidents on January 13, 1939, 71 people died and almost 2000 homes were gutted across states, mainly in New South Wales and Victoria. In 1940, the Tokyo Olympics was scheduled to be held but it was cancelled due to the outbreak of World War 2. 80 years later, the events are more or less coming out in a similar way.

In 2018, France won the FIFA World Cup although the tournament was hosted in Russia. Apart from this many people might argue that the common connection is France, the rest of the events are similar to events 80 years ago. In 2019, Australia was again ravaged by the bushfires which killed 34 people and destroyed 6000 houses. New South Wales and Victoria was most affected and a state of emergency was declared.

In 2020, the Tokyo Olympics which was supposed to be held has now been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic to 2021. This is where the story threatens us. In 1941, Japan bombed Pearl Harbour and that brought the USA into the second World War. The Pacific Theatre of World War 2 saw the USA beating back Japan.

In 2021, what is awaiting us? India and China are on the brink of increasing tensions along the LAC. Tensions are escalating all over the world with regards to China and the US in a ‘trade war’. With elections due in November 2020 in the United States, it would be interesting to see how 2021 turns out, whether it will be for the worst or for the best.


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